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Where are the fucking police??  :rage:

I found this quote on BBC site regarding PM Camerons response to the riots (BBC…)

" 18. Londonboy73
  7 Hours ago

No. I'm sorry, but I disagree. The 1st question the Prime Minister needs to answer is what 'action' he is going to take. The country is demanding action; but all that has been promised is another day in parliament. Where are the: Water Cannons. Load them with the blue ink used in money vans. Spray everybody, then arrest & charge anybody who looks like a Smurf."

I am so pissed off with the lack of affirmative actiona gainst the looters and criminals running amock up and down the coutry.  Load up the rubber bullets and fucking shoot them in the face.
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The summer here in the South of England has SUCKED this year.  I mean really sucked.  Temperature has not gone over 21C and it has been cloudy almost everyday since June.  I opened the curtains this morning to see huge puddles of water everywhere and rain coming down hard.   Sometimes rain is nice I admit but this is getting silly.

Listening to Leftism is cheering me up though :la:  This album is in my top 3 of all time....

Leftism - Leftfield
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Just got to the end of it, I'm gutted yet another generation has been and gone.
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by Barack Obama no less.!/whitehouse/stat…
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Some one told me to watch it and it's a great show, though it makes me somewhat nostalgic over my college years (girls are awesome), with a dash of chagrin that I'm not that young anymore.
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Today is a day of epic tragedy.  The attacks in Norway have left at least 92 people dead and a few hours ago singer Amy Winehouse was found dead at her home.  My thoughts go out to all the berieved on this terrible and tragic day.

Update, at least 32 people have died in China after 2 high speed bullet trains collide in Zhejiang!

seriously, wtf.
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It doesn't look set to stop raining till the end of next week, which fucking sucks for the middle of July.
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Today my new Macro lens arrived from Hong Kong!  I ordered it on Wednesday and it arrived in the UK Friday morning.  Unbelievable.  It's the Sigma 105mm DS Macro, no VR but I don't care.  You need a tripod anyways for macro unless you are a robot and can hold perfectly still.  Very happy with it.  Will be leaving early monday morning to photograph the city park flower beds and gardens, assuming it has stopped raining!
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Yesterday I rediscovered an old cartoon movie I saw when I was 6.  It was called "Les Maitres du Temp" or Time Masters (Masters of Time).  I remember it introducing me to sadness and loss as well as chagrin.  I remember it very fondly.  It has been in the back of my mind for ages, and I suddenly remembered to start looking for it again.  As I could only remember the name of one character (Piel) and not the movies actual title I had to be a bit crafty with my google searching, but I eventually hit the jackpot.  It is up on youtube with english subtitles and in 8 ten minute parts.  It looks old and dated, and I am emotionally well past anything it can teach me but it is still wonderful to remember it and see it again.  I understand the BBC produced an English subbed version that was last aired in 1991, well before the internet took off, and has not been released commercially on DVD etc.
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My e-bay auction sold and I now have enough to get a macro lens within the next few weeks!!
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I really really REALLY wanna get a macro lens.  Sadly July month is mega expensive with birthdays, tuition fees, utility bills due :(  I'm selling my old games console on Ebay but no one has bid on it yet.  Only 3 days left.
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Today I made some stamps for everyone to use, was a lot of fun but now I must learn to make animations too.  Also bid on a nice wide angle portrait lens on ebay.   My Mums birthday is soon so if I win it I can put it to good use, give her some nice shots to remember it by.
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Today I found out that there is not likely to be a sequel to the game Heavy Rain.  This has made me sad.
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Ok YouTube is officially procrastination central.  I've just blown 2 hours on that site watching T-Mobile flash mobs and renditions of the Game of Thrones intro lol
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Cahmon Djokovic!!!
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Ok I have finally gotten around to downloading some decent editing software, Adobe Lightroom 3, as a trial and it is pretty good.  The price tag is insane though, close to £200 which is out of my range sadly.  I will have to make the most of the 30 day trial!!
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I have a few photo manips that I'm working on at the moment.  I'm still an amateur and my own worst critic but I am motivated to get better!  Right now I have a lot to learn with the editing process, the shortcuts, links, how-to's and actually getting what's in my head onto the finished product, but it's all fun!
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Nearly 4 years since I wrote on here, things have changed a bit.  I am now studying photography as part of a major career change.  I am excited about it, getting creative again... it's been far to long.
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It is exactly zero degrees outside (0c).  It was a really really bad idea leaving my window open last night....
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Another form of art but tricky once the net becomes involved.  Who downloaded what to where and who payed for it or not is a problem these days, as you have no doubt heard.  I just found about 10 gigs worth of old mp3's on my PC, going way back to 1995 when I was at 6th form college.  Man I haven't listened to some of these tracks in years.  Found a real favorite of mine, P.E.T.R.O.L. by Orbital,  you gotta hear it at least once.  Cheers me up to hear all these classics, back when I used to have loadsa energy.

"Iiiiii'm feelin' so reeeaaallll... step it up DJ!" - Moby and "Feeling so Real".

Must have a pair of white gloves around here somewhere. ^^
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